Welcome to Paint Night In!


We are now located in Huntsville, AL. Though we are still in the process of moving, I am able to do art parties upon demand. Don’t hesitate to ask!

You know those paint nights and art parties taking place all over town? What if you could host one in your own home? Or church? Or school? Or even your own restaurant or bar??


Think of the possibilities! Birthday parties, office parties, bachelorette¬†parties, mom’s nights out, couples nights, church functions, or just a reason to get together with friends!

Options are available for adults AND children!

We come to you! All you have to do is provide a roof over our head. And guess what Рwith a minimum number of guests Рthe host/hostess is FREE! See party packages for adults and kids for more information.


One of our specialties is doing fundraising events. Whether you want to raise money for your school, church, or even just a friend in need – we can help! Check out our fundraising page for more info.

“God made nature to be stunningly beautiful – from flowers to sunsets; His fingerprints are everywhere. And though we as humans can never recreate it, we can have fun trying!” – KSH, 2016