Let’s hear about Paint Night In!

Founded by Krista, Paint Night In integrates Krista’s love for art along with the desire to have a fun side job, second only to taking care of her kids.DSC05847 - Copy

Although several painting businesses exist, very few offer to come to you. And if they do, they require a very large number of people to be present (50+ even!). But what if people just want to have a small get-together at their home or church or school and do something unique? Including children’s birthday parties! That’s where the idea for Paint Night In came from.

Paint Night In’s goal is to not only create unique parties at your desired location but also to reach out to those in need of fundraising. Fundraising is such a touchy subject these days because it usually requires solicitation and let’s face it, that gets old really fast! But setting up a party where people get something in return (a painting and a memorable night!) sounds much more appealing.

Please contact us  with any questions! We would love to hear from you!

“God made nature to be stunningly beautiful – from flowers to sunsets; His fingerprints are everywhere. And though we as humans can never recreate it, we can have fun trying!” – KSH, 2016