Do you have a child who loves to paint? Do they have a theme they like? Frozen? Ninja Turtles? Up? How about having a birthday party where your child gets to paint the theme of their choice?

Why have a child’s paint party at your home?

Sometimes leaving home for a birthday party can be frustrating. You want to have a unique party someplace but that place doesn’t allow you to have cake and ice cream. Or they only allow you to stay a certain amount of time, cutting your child’s party time short. Which means you either have to find a second location to finish off the party or move the entire party to your house anyways. Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything in one place?? Check out our party options (delivered to YOU!) below and then contact us to set up a date and time or if you have any questions.

Basic Birthday Party Package:

  • Birthday Child is FREE with a minimum of 10 paying party members  (if 10 kids seems like too much, think about asking the parents to participate! I’m sure they won’t say no!)
  • Cost is $15 per painter
  • Includes all necessary paint supplies!
  • Your child gets to choose the painting for their party (you can even request a special theme!)
  • Every child gets to take home an 8 x 10 canvas at the end of the party
  • You get to choose the location – home or wherever!
  • Parties last about 1 hour
  • Great for younger kids!

Teen Birthday Party Package:

Tranquil Lake
  • Birthday Teen is FREE with a minimum of 5 paying party members
  • Cost is $25 per painter
  • Includes all necessary painting supplies!
  • You get to choose the painting for your party (you can even request one I haven’t made!)
  • Every teen gets to take home a 16 x 20 painted canvas at the end of the night
  • You get to choose the location – home or wherever!
  • Parties last approximately 2 hours
  • Great for older kids!

My Little Artist:

My Little Artist
  • Check out the My Little Artist link for special 1 on 1 art sessions.
  • Perfect for your child who loves art but doesn’t want to have a birthday party centered around painting.
  • Your child gets to keep the paint supplies so they can paint again and again!

“These look fun, I definitely want to have a party. What should I do next?”

Click here to contact me and let’s get something set up!